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One day, ‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Aziz [Rahimahullah] heard that his son bought a ring for 1,000 dirhams, so he wrote a letter to his son, saying:

بلغني أنّك اشتريت خاتمًا وفصّه بألف درهم، فإذا أتاك كتابي هذا فَبِعْ الخاتم، وأشبع به ألف بطن، واتّخذ خاتمًا بدرهمين، واجعل فصّه حديدًا صينيًا واكتُب عليه: رحِم الله امرءًا عرف قدره
“It has reached me that you bought a 1,000 dirham ring, so when this letter reaches you, sell the ring and fill 1000 stomachs (CHARITY)!!! Then buy a ring for 2 dirhams and the inside of it should be of iron and engrave on it the following words: “May Allaah have mercy on the person who knows his limits!”

{“Madarij As-Salikien”, 2/331}.


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